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How SO2Go Works


SO2GO removes sulfur dioxide (SO2) levels in wine

Why does this help? Sulfur dioxide is often the cause of headaches, flushing of the face, IBS, and nausea. Our sulfur dioxide removal product SO2GO is easy to use, and it will not affect the taste of your drink. Simply add SO2GO to your wine prior to drinking, using either the handy spray bottle or sachet. With the spray bottle, two sprays per glass will do the trick, while one sachet will treat one 750ml bottle of wine. SO2GO neutralizes or lowers preservative levels, making it possible for you to enjoy preservative-free wine without compromising on taste.

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The Benefits of SO2GO

Are you tired of missing out on wine, champagne, beer, or cider because of their preservatives? With SO2GO, you no longer have to! Our product offers a range of benefits, including:


Headache Free

Say goodbye to uncomfortable headaches after just a few sips of wine.

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Easy to use

SO2GO comes in a sachet or a spray bottle that is easy to use and carry around with you.


Safe and Natural

Our product is completely safe and natural, so you can enjoy your drinks without any worries.


Fixes side effects

Enjoy your drinks without the side effects of preservatives, such as flush, wheezy, stuffy nose, and hives.


SO2Go: Enjoy Wine Without Sulphites and Allergies!

Many individuals are sensitive to sulphur dioxide (sulphites) in wine, experiencing symptoms like headaches, flushing, IBS, and nausea. SO2Go wine preservative remover helps manage these reactions by neutralizing and lowering preservatives. Sulphur dioxide is commonly used in wine for its anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties, but SO2Go allows you to enjoy preservative-free wine without sacrificing taste. It removes sulphites safely and effectively, enabling you to indulge in wine, Champagne, cider, and beer without the unpleasant side effects. Conveniently packaged in sachets and sprays, SO2Go is perfect for any occasion. Buy SO2Go now and savor the pure wine experience, no need for expensive “preservative-free” or “organic” wines.

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